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What’s your X Factor?

The X-Factor

Last night I sat on my couch with tears streaming down my face like Coldplay made so famous. I wasn’t watching The Notebook or some other sappy love story written by Nicholas Sparks. I was watching… The X Factor. Yes, a reality TV show and yes, a “me too” version of American Idol, which the creator of X Factor, Simon Cowell, made popular with his beyond brash comments offending everyone watching. Even with the, “Are you serious? Another talent show?” mentality that typically surrounds these shows – I found myself captivated.

I have a love for music and a collection that spans Taylor Swift to Meek Mill to The Temptations to ‘N Sync to Celine Dion. There’s something about The X Factor that draws me in – maybe because it covers all genres, singers ages 13-35+ and even groups can compete. I get caught up in their stories of struggle and triumph, pouring their souls onto that stage every week.

But let’s be honest, everyone has a story. Some more interesting than others I will say, but nonetheless it’s a story. I’m not so much enthralled in The X Factor because of their stories (even though I look like a distraught 16 year old over a break-up with my boyfriend I’ve been with for 2 months when I watch the show) but rather their true talent. You’ve all heard this before, he just has “it” or she has the “x factor.” There are some things that just can’t be explained.

Carly Rose Soneclar, the 13 year-old sensation on X Factor, is a phenom in the making. She’s unbelievable and has something most of us don’t. But, there’s got to be more to it. This talent show is just like the workforce; there is naturally high potential talent that will rise above the rest.

Let’s discuss some buzzwords shall we? Identify high-potentials, retain high-potentials, and promote high-potentials. Sounds wonderful and if your company is superb at doing this, please pat yourself on the back. However, when it comes to having “it” and “the x factor” I think there needs to be a new accountability put on the individual who is so blessed to have that thing that makes them so great.

Individuals that have “it” can stroll down the street and look like they’re gliding. When they’re walking down the street to everyone else it looks as if they’re skipping. We’ve all heard this – they’ve just got that extra umph that puts them head and shoulders above the rest. If you know someone that has the x factor or think that I’m talking to you when reading this blog – ask yourself what is your x factor?

We’ve all been told it’s intangible. It’s something you just can’t explain. They work hard, have charm, are charismatic, ridiculously motivated, have the Midas touch, and you know what? People just like them and that’s that. Onto to the next topic.

But, let’s slow down. Are you sure you can’t explain it? You’re sure you were just Lady GaGa Born This Way? I think not. There’s a reason why you have “it.” There’s a reason why your “x factor” stands out above the rest. Somewhere along the way there have been experiences or people who have brought it out of you and developed you. If you don’t think so? Touché. You’re with the majority who think it’s just something some people have.

But, if you can tell your parents, employer, coach, friends, mentor, brother, complete stranger and whoever else wants to listen – what your x factor is, you not only will know what drives you but so will everyone else. Don’t settle for just having “it.”

Talk about it. What’s your X Factor?