I am currently the Marketing Manager at Taylor Strategy Partners. I'm a sneakerhead and former benchwarmer who won a championship and never took my shooting shirt off. I'm a Millennial thru and thru.

As the glory days of being a student-athlete, sorority sister and unassuming geek have passed me by, I've found myself in the world of Talent Management. Meshing my generational points of view with my career here at TSP has led me to create "Interview with the Geek."

How do those in GenY find a job? What do I wear to an interview? Where do I go for information? Who do I need to know to get where I want to go? You'll find a well-rounded mix of Millennial discussion with Talent Management topics.

I'm the Millenial that figured it out. Follow my blog the Interview Geek and get insight into the new wave of 80's and 90's babies in the job market.

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