One of the best sports movies to date is Remember the Titans and I will not cite any factual information concerning that declaration because I don’t need to. Coming out in 2000 it was the perfect time for Millennials to latch on to a sports movie of “our time” and actually maybe learn a little about segregation and challenges faced by kids in the early 70’s. I was a brace face with bangs sitting in the living room with my aging dog, envisioning myself hoisting some sort of trophy like the Titans did. I truly miss pre-game speeches and getting hyped for any athletic event, especially in college because that’s when I would get my sweat on. Let’s just say I lived for warm-up. Gary, the captain of the Titans screams, “What are you?” and the team replies, “Mobile, agile, hostile!” And yes pronounced with a long “I” sound (ag-y-le). While in all my years I referred to agility as how fast I could do cone hops or change direction, agility is now prevalent within in the Millennial generation and leadership.

 In a blog post by Autumn McReynolds of TalentMinded she addresses the necessity for companies to utilize multiple channels of communication when reaching out to Gen Y. There’s no one avenue that Millennials are using to find jobs and there must be agility when it comes to communication mediums. While Job Boards need not be lost in the shuffle, social and mobile have increased the number of touch points employers can have with potential employees. Now while it’s all well and good to know that social and mobile are out in the market place, it’s even more advantageous to bring these on as capabilities, not just fluffy ideas. By that I mean, not only must the employer develop these programs to create candidate engagement but, they must also be good at it. Oh you have a Twitter? All you post is jobs twice a week. No thank you. It must be interactive and managed appropriately. As Millennials, we know social and mobile engagement – we’ll seek out companies who allow us to act on that engagement.

Technology alone causes the necessity to be agile. It’s constantly changing. For Millennials “agility” is an inherent trait, not because it’s sought out by employers as stated in this Forbe’s article, Next Gen Leaders, but rather because we are sitting here hoping, waiting, and wishing for the new iPhone 5 to come out. Because there are applications to house everyone’s social networks in one place – who would have thought you’d have more than one social profile? Let alone 5 or 6. Because I own a Nike+ watch that has GPS and I can run anywhere in the world and track my path. We are agile by nature folks. This is why communication channels need to be agile and even more so, why leaders need to be. As Gen X’ers and even the older end of Gen Y begin to filter into leadership positions – leaders must understand the necessity of being flexible.

Change occurs daily, even hourly. If leaders don’t know how to deal with change or even worse, decide to ignore it – there are major drawbacks. Even if you can still operate profitably without conforming to new communication channels, you’re losing. There is always room for improvement and technology not only increases how often you engage future employees but also the speed at which you do so.

Are your leaders agile enough? Is your company agile enough? Strap on your sneakers and start training. Agility is the future.


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