Making Your Dreams Come True… Well Sort Of

Guest Blog by: Brian Haney

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Everyone has been asked this question at some point in their life.  Do we really know the answer?  For me it was to become a Major League baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Now that they’re actually playing well these days, I figure that I would have been in the prime of my career making a push for that full count, 2 out, bases loaded, base hit to win the World Series.  We can all dream right?  Needless to say that dream didn’t come true. 

Today, I’m now a recruiter for a $2 Billion company and their successful advertising agencies throughout the United States.  How many young kids say “I want to grow up to be a recruiter”?  I’m willing to bet a large amount of money that ZERO kids or even adults would have these professional dreams.  On a daily basis, I’m talking to all different types of people, from a variety of backgrounds and locations throughout this country.  My job is to help sell the “dream” of the company and the job itself in order to secure and retain talented individuals within the family of advertising agencies.  Throughout the initial phone interviews with these candidates, it is my job to find out what their dream is when they grow up.  What do they want to accomplish?  What motivates them to be successful?  It’s basically the same question that they were asked as a child, only now, their responses are much different than a six year old that says “I want to be an astronaut”,  “I want to be a firefighter” or “I want to be the President of the United States of America.” 

They talk about their ideal job they would like to have but rarely is there any passion behind it like the six year old that truly believes he or she will be an astronaut.  Do they even like doing their current job?  Are they upset that their original plans didn’t work out?  It is my job to step in and describe how the new position is right for them at this point in their career.  It is also my job to explain to them if the position is not the correct job for them.  As much as I want to fill my job openings as quickly as possible, I have the duty of finding the correct fit for the employers.  It is equally important to have both sides satisfied because if that isn’t the case then we’ve wasted quite a bit of time, money, energy and it’s back to square one to find another candidate.

Being a recruiter now, I enjoy the ability to help assist people in their professional careers knowing that I’m helping them reach some of their lifelong dreams, even if they change a few times.  Hopefully the Pirates continue their winning ways this season and all of our dreams will come true…sort of.


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