What if everyone was a leader?

There’s this misconception in the workplace, society, and especially with Millennials that if you’re a follower you’ve somehow done something wrong. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader and think about what a world would be like if everyone thought they were a leader? Absolutely nothing would get accomplished. You would have 7 billion chiefs and no indians. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to work. Twitter: you’re called a follower. It’s not so bad is it? The booming social network decided it was acceptable to be a follower. I think that’s pretty cool.

Not everyone in the worforce wants to be a president of a company, not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder at a rapid pace. And you know what? That’s perfectly alright. If there were no followers, there would be no great leaders. At some point if you consider yourself a leader, you had to be a follower at one time or another. You had to learn, you had to make mistakes, you had to be put in a situation where leadership was necessary, and most of all you had to earn respect.

Not every Millennial is driving for your job, hiring manager. If that were the case the world would be taken over by us and until a President under 35 can be elected? I don’t think that will happen. It’s not always about title or how much money you make. It’s about what satisfies your needs and wants. This isn’t just for Millennials, it’s for everyone. Next time you’re looking to find high potentials or declare yourself as a leader, understand there are “followers” who need to trust you.

There isn’t room for 7 billion leaders. Don’t be discouraged if everyone around you isn’t dying to step up. You’ll find that if you’re looking to force leadership upon someone it will never add up to success. It’s like oil and water. Leaders will emerge if put in the right situtations. And as for the followers? You need them too.

What would your company be with only executive leaders? A consulting firm or bankrupt. It’s your choice.


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  1. Tim Mushey

    Hey thanks for the follow of my blog! I followed back. I will follow on Twitter once I clean up my account (I recently hit a follow limit). Enjoy the rest of your day…

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