Please stay… You’re the best employee we have!

So you finally did it. You found a job. In fact, you may be at your second job. For the older Millennials who have been in the job market for 2 – 8 years they understand what it’s like to pursue another position other than the one they’re currently in. Whether it’s internally or externally, the prospect of a higher title or more money has probably crossed your mind and with a little effort, you’ve explored the possibilities.

I typically work with folks in middle management and senior executives in the Baby Boomer generation but, with a few difficult searches looking for specific skill sets, I placed two individuals in more junior level positions. It is interesting to see the changes in the conversations I have depending on what generation I’m dealing with.

Resigning and taking another position is probably one of the most difficult and ambiguous situations to be in. I’m nervous my boss will hate me, they’re going to be so mad, hey they actually may even try and keep me. There are so many emotions that come into play.  Younger individuals think that because they’re somewhat lower on the totem pole, if they decide to leave there’s NO WAY their current employer will counter offer them. But, don’t be so sure. Companies want to retain talent. But, think of it this way… Why are you looking outside of your current company? Have you addressed these issues with your supervisor? If you’re company counter offers you, it’s more of a Band-Aid approach. If it takes you to say, “You’re leaving,” for the company to act, it’s probably not the best place for you to be.

We’re young, we’re influenced by the dollar sign and we just want to be loved. Which is exactly what a counter offer intends to do. “Wait, no no… please don’t go! We can’t lose you. Big title, more money? Here take it.” These pieces play to the ego of the Millennial. Drumroll please… here comes the red carpet treatment.

Don’t have the ego. Do what’s right for your career.


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