It’s 2012, There’s a Pill For Everything

As you read through my blogs I think a common theme you’ll find is “Hard Work”. While reading through articles concerning new drugs in the market, I came across Arena’s weight loss product which received positive feedback from the FDA. Reading the article I couldn’t help but think, “Is this really necessary?” In the article it discusses how the FDA has had a tough stance on the safety of obesity drugs. Which makes sense, whatever happened to exercise and diet? I understand that not everyone can go on a show like Biggest Loser (one of my favorite shows by the way) and workout for 8+ hours a day. But, a pill… really? There is still discussion whether or not obesity is a disease or not but, it’s been proven to be “cured” when individuals stop eating 6000 calories a day and ride a bike for 30 minutes. That’s a very simple answer but, I think the point is made.

In reading this piece I also began to think about our Millennial Generation. We’ve been brought up to believe the doctor can cure everything or that there’s some sort of therapy out there to solve all of our problems. I think the pharmaceutical industry is a great place to start when discussing Gen Y’s mindset. Oh you have a cold? Take a Z-Pak. Oh you want your hair to grow faster? Take the vitamin biotin. This has now transitioned into – Oh you don’t know where you’re going? Don’t ask a “human being” that might error, ask your phone. There’s ALWAYS an answer.

One of the criticisms of those coming out of college is that we have too many expectations or that the expectations are unrealistic. Also, that we don’t know how to deal with problems when directions aren’t clear or there’s no exact defined answer. We can’t problem-solve.

Well, look no further than all of the pills on your counter. In our minds, there’s a quick and easy solution to everything. Need great abs? There are only about 52 infomercials with 52 different products to get you there. Don’t’ have time to make coffee? Don’t worry the 5-hour energy shot has you covered. While I’m not trying to play the blame game and say “Millennials are a product of society,” I think it’s important to read headlines today with more than one lens. When you see that next “quick-fix” – what will go through your mind?

Call to Action: Gen Y – How are you going to problem-solve when there isn’t a defined answer? This will differentiate you from the others.



  1. Kelsey

    I really enjoy this stance. I recently saw a a billboard on my drive back to Chicago that said “Obesity is not a choice, it is a disease” and I seriously bust out laughing instantly when I saw this. Obviously there is some research in regards to the genetic factors the predispose certain individuals to obesity, but this is a very small portion of the population. To say that all people who are obese are the result of a disease is ridiculous to say. Diet and exercise need to be integrated and this is one issue that everyone says for every form of “fix” for medical conditions and preventative measures; however, it is also interesting to note that school systems are trying to eliminate physical education in schools and integrate health classes into general science classes. It starts young and when children don;t have great examples at home, school is a means by which to expose them to a better example and means of preventing obesity; without this is schools, where will the children even younger than us be at in the future? I love reading you blogs by the way!

  2. interviewgeek

    Kelsey – couldn’t agree with you more here. As an athlete, competitor, and believer in discipline (and avid watcher of The Biggest Loser) it just boggles my mind sometimes. We have to hold ourselves accountable.

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