Tech Saturation Does Exist

The world we live in today is completely digital. And by “we”, I mean Millennials. My boss asked me the other day where I find my resources? How do I get informed about what’s going on in the industry? And my answer probably could have been… “Well, I read the paper that’s right next to me when I’m eating my cereal, watch the news channel that’s on when I turn on the TV in the morning, oh yeah, and the plethora of pharmaceutical magazines that sit literally 4 feet from my desk.” Now, do you think that was my answer? If you do, you can read/watch all of that and let me know what it was about because I know I didn’t.

My answer was Twitter. The same way I talk back and forth with my friends about the lady in the grocery store wearing acid wash jeans… is the same way I learn about what’s going on in the world. My Twitter feed. This morning @Mashable tweeted an infographic about too much tech for teenagers. Which completely connects my conversation with a 10 year old last night. One of my co-workers was taking his son to a game and so I chatted with him for a bit after work, discusing my sneaker selection. Somehow we got on the topic of my blog and he said that he blogs about the books he reads in class. “Wait, wait, wait… you’re 10 and you blog?” I said to him. The 18-34 range is probably the most tech savvy in the workplace but, by the time this 10 year old is 16 he’ll have an iPhone, iPad, YouTube video resume, 3 of his own personal blogs, and who knows what devices will be out in 6 years. It amazes me the rapid pace of this technology and how young it is now infiltrating kids younger than teenagers.

All of this tech buzz revolves around communication. SMS text is still the most widely used mobile phone application – even though we don’t really think of it as an application. From a presentation by @michaelmarlatt, founder of @mRecruitingcamp, Michael stated that today’s app store global market share is about 3 billion, MMS is 32 billion, any guesses as to what the value of SMS is? 300 billion. As much as the buzz word of “App” is becmoming synonymous with anything and everything “cool,” think about how many texts you send a day compared to how many apps you download. Digital, Social, Mobile, whatever the medium – it is all about how we communicate.

Why would I want to answer the phone and engage in a 5 – 10 minute conversation with my friend when all they have is one question that can be answered via text in less than 5 seconds? As far as tech saturation? Yes, it exists and yes, it’s here to stay. Ask yourself this, would you rather forget your cell phone at home or your wallet? I mean let’s be serious, the newest technology now has turned your phone into your wallet.

If you’re not saturated in technology, you’re behind. Saturation typically has a negative connotation… but, in this case? Saturation just means you know what’s going on. This is how we exchange information. Are you on board?



  1. Dial Gap

    Sometimes I will grab my daughter’s Iphone and she literally freaks out…….you are right about the wallet. She doesn’t even know where it is, however she seems to know where mine is at all times!

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