When will I get my workout in?

The inspiration for this blog stems from my drastic change to corporate life. And let’s just be clear, I work for a company with about 20 individuals and it’s actually not a true corporate environment – but, in comparison to what I’m used to as a college student, it’s corporate enough. As a student-athlete I always had motivation to be active and if the motivation wasn’t there, my workouts were scheduled for me anyhow and I didn’t have much choice as far as attending practices went. Unless that is… if I wanted to quit, and if you’re wondering, that wasn’t an option so 4 hour practices it was.

So now I’m working 8am-5pm, no nap time, no incentive to do any type of activity. Since when have I been in a place for 9 hours straight? To be honest I can’t remember and it probably consisted of me spending an entire Sunday watching Law & Order SVU, not working to make a living Monday-Friday. I’m tired when I wake up and I’m tired when I go home after work – but, as a Millennial you eventually realize that you don’t have the typical responsibilities. You’re low on the totem pole at the company, you’re a doer, and in certain cases you’re only responsible for yourself at this point.

How do I find time to workout when I have full days now?  Where do I find the motivation to do it? A  friend convinced me to sign up for a half-marathon that takes place this Saturday. I certainly don’t want to embarrass  myself, I think I’m still in fairly good shape, and therefore, have established incentive to workout. You can find time to get activity in before the work day or after but, either way it’s important to not get completely bogged down with your job. Even if it’s just a walk with your dog, get out, be active. Just because you don’t have a free gym/rec center that you would go to at 2pm each day when no one was in there like in college, you can still get that workout in with slight adjustments.

This half-marathon should be interesting and we’ll see how it goes. I’ve never been a runner but, I’m an athlete who just needs to find some sort of lifetime sport. Whether it’s 6am or 6 pm, you don’t need the nap you needed in college, you don’t need to study for that test tomorrow and you don’t need to think about work.  You have the time, you just need to make the time and make it a priority. Find something that you like to do, jazzercise, spinning, jumping on a trampoline, whatever it may be. Just clear you’re head and get active… even if it does cost $40/month. It’s worth it. You’ll feel great and be a better asset for your employer. A little coffee never hurt either.

What are you doing to be active?


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