I got a call back! Now what do I do?

As new job seekers in the market it’s exhilarating to get a call back from a recruiter. Someone actually said yes! Well… sort of, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They like your resume that you’ve put together and the paper seems as though it would fit the position they’re looking to fill. However, now is the time you separate yourself – your electronic resume got you the call, now it’s your turn to go win the job.

First Mistake: You’re so excited you just say, “Yes, I can meet and yes, I am avaialble.” You hang up the phone and you have no further details than when you started. Key questions to ask are:

  • Who will I be meeting with? – Knowing their background will help you understand what questions to ask.
  • Time – how long will you be meeting with them? Knowing the time you have is imporant, you can gauge how many questions might be appropriate. Ask for an itinerary or if one will be provided.
  • What is the exact position title? – With entry level positions this can change, make sure you KNOW what you’re interviewing for. Sounds simple but, did you ask the question?

Second Mistake: Once you have all of the logistics you figure, “Hey, they’d like to talk with me – all I need to do is show up and tell them about me.” Wrong – make sure you do your research. What you should know:

  • Research the company – do more than just look at the website. Oh you know the mission statement? Great. Reading the company overview is not true research. Find press releases, type the company into Google, see what news articles come up. You’re a Millennial right? You should know how to navigate the social spaces – find the company on Twitter, Follow employees on Twitter, do they have a YouTube Channel?  The best kept secret for researching companies? Create a SlideShare account and see what presentations the company has posted.
  • The company and its employees want to know how much effort you’ve put into getting to know them. They have and will put effort into getting to know you – make sure you’ve done your part.

There will be more to come on Interview Preparation and important notes on how to approach it successfully but, for now… just focus on slowing down, catching your breath and understanding this is just the first step. Ask pointed questions to the recruiter, it shows interest as well as your level of sincerity in the position.


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