Why do you have headphones on?

Music in the workplace. There’s high debate on this – especially if you’re at a large corporate company and have many personalities to cater to. Can’t everyone just listen to music over the office speakers? Well, the answer is yes. But, as the tunes pump from the speakers it must all be rated G. Even Justin Bieber might have a song or two that’s not appropriate for all workplaces. But, if everyone has headphones on – is anyone talking to eachother? If you’re in an industry that has to be on the phone non-stop (recruiting, cough, cough), you can’t have headphones in your ears or over your head.

Ah, but there’s also a painful ringing noise in your ears when there’s no music – it’s called silence. Millennials don’t necessarily like silence. There needs to be something going on. Even if an individual works well in a silent atmosphere – there’s bound to be a co-worker talking distracting the silence. Where is the happy medium? There are kids no matter where they go they’ve got those darn white buds in their ears. Can ANYONE talk to you? Ever? Hello – your boss has a question, your cube buddy has a request, the guy on the bus is trying to tell you it’s time to get off. Even so, I’d rather be listening to my jams and have you never know what’s coming through my headphones.

Music is now a part of technology. It’s a part of the workplace. It’s in my pocket because it’s on my phone. As a matter of fact – I’ve got my Beats by Dre Solo’s on right now so I can write this blog. Not trying to be anti-social but, the killer playlist I made last night provided me inspiration. Whether it’s a Baby Boomer or Millennial in the workplace – as long as it does not deter from daily responsibilities – turn on some Pandora at the office, let your desk groupies throw on their headphones, it doesn’t mean work isn’t happening. It just means life in 2012 is not silent.

What do you listen to?


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