Casual Fridays

How should I dress? Depending on the industry you may have casual Fridays everday and if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, you may never have a casual day. Nonetheless, for Millennials in the job market – wearing a suit every day? Not too appealing. Even in the most corporate envrionments such as banking and finance, there should be some leniency. Create a contest where the winner(s) get the opportunity to have a casual Friday each quarter. That’s 4 days out of +/- 250 work days in the year. Is that so hard to surrender?

Wearing jeans in a corporate environment is not disrepectful, it’s comfortable. Some days when it’s heart wrenching to leave the comforts of your warm blankets, it’s even more disheartening to put on a stuffy button up shirt, pants you spent way too much on, and for us gals – heels that will eventually lead to a stress fracture.

Again, I understand that the workplace needs to be held in the appropriate regard given the industry. An advertising agency is not compareable to a law firm. But, if you are in an environment where suits are the norm or even business casual for that matter, incorporate casual days as an element of fun. Yes, work should be fun, sometimes. Such as when the local team has a rivalry game, rewarding employees for goals being met, or if it’s a holiday when most offices are closed but, you’re employees are working. It’s a way of showing your employees you care and for Gen Y – we get to wear what we want. Whether it’s the newest sneaker you just bought or the cute top you can’t wear with a suit, it just makes any day better than it was before.


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