I majored in marketing, now what do I do?

Major, schmajor. To be quite honest, you will most likely end up in a position not directly related to your field of study unless you’re in law, medicine, or engineering. Even some of those individuals end up on a different path at some point. As art history majors and sociology majors continue to graduate, the thought is, where do I go from here?

As is with any graduate, this questions pops up. Marketing, however, now that’s useful. Right? Well, it’s only useful if you know what you want to do with it. For right now, marketing is what I know – working with advertising agencies as well as client side brand teams, so that’s what we’re going to go with. Not to mention, I’m a dual marketing and management major who ended up in recruiting… but, we’ll save that conversation for later.

Anyhow, I think the place to start is understanding what jobs are out there. First things first, marketing is NOT sales. Your classrooms may lump these two together but, it is not the case. Know the field. Second, know what job titles to look for – you can do this by asking those at your university career center, go on LinkedIn and search the employees of companies you want to work for, or call HR and ask them what you should look for. The key is to investigate. Are you a marketer that can design or are you a marketer that can talk the talk?

Titles to look for – Marketing Coordinator, Account Coordinator, Traffic Coordinator, Associate Product Manager, Associate Brand Manager. If you’re a designer or writer for advertising – Art Director or Copywriter. These will get you in the door and get you on the right track. Know what you’re going after and what those in the industry call their jobs. This will make your search much more targeted.

You might not end up in the exact field of interest but, it’s a way to narrow the scope and make the job search… less overwhelming. Questions about where you should be looking? Comment and let me know your interests.


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