My Pitch to You – Why Read My Blog?

Each day I find myself talking to individuals either seeking a job or willing to have a listening ear concerning an opportunity I am working on. It amazes me how new technology has transformed the world of recruiting and what employers are doing (or not doing) to attract this new wave of talent.

Did I major in recruitment? No. Did I want to get into HR? No. Did I even know what talent management and talent acquisition really were when I graduated? No. Did I know what an RPO (recruitment process outscourcing) was? Defnitely not.  And yet, here I am – working at a niche executive search and consultancy firm. Dialing and typing away day in and day out.  

This blog is not strictly about recruiment and human resources. This blog is targeting Gen Y, those who want to employ Gen Y, and even those who want Gen Y to buy your products.

If you send a text to a potential candidate – will you get a faster response than a voicemail? Where do we go for information? Do I really need a LinkedIn profile? Questions like these will be answered and I welcome comments to create a conversation.

Welcome to Interview with the Geek. Let the exchange of information begin.


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